Winner Computers is owned and operated by Ian Jarvie. Winner Computers has been servicing the local residential and business markets in the Hunter Valley & Lake Macquarie regions with competitive pricing and leading technology solutions for over 30 years.

We provide services in Computer repairs, Custom build PC’s, Laptops, Managed I.T Services, Cloud backup along with Onsite & Remote I.T support.

Winner Computers  believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

Winner Computers specialize in individual computer components, computer systems that offer total solutions for both the home and small business. Our product lines include mobile notebook solutions, custom built server solutions and a wide range of price competitive residential computer systems and components.

More than just a computer company, Winner Computers is a company that cares not only across the street but across the entire region. Winner Computers is a strong supporter of the local region with sponsorships that make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Ian Jarvie - Founder & Director


1992 Winner Computers History
Winner Computer Games - Founded

Ian Jarvie Founder and Director of Winner Computer Games first opened it’s doors to Newcastle in a small retail shop in King Street Newcastle.  Winner Computers Games was purely a games shop which sold PC, Amiga, Nintendo and Sega Games along with many Accessories.  A great location and a lot of fun moving into the new world of gaming. Many loyal customers are still shopping with us today 30 years later.

1995 Expansion and New Name
Winner Computer Games - Expands

By 1995 Winner Computer Games recognised a growing need for PC Hardware, so as the IT Industry was changing so did Winner Computer Games and the expansion into PC Computer Hardware began.  With this small growth came a new name and the need for a larger premise, so Winner moved to Newcastle's busiest corner, Park Avenue and Northcott Drive Kotara. This became the home of Winner Interactive, a new name describing that we not only sold computer games but also computer hardware with a hands on approach for our customers.

2000 Y2K!!
Winner Computers born in the Millenium

The year 2000 brought Y2K more than a new millennium, it brought many changes to the IT Industry there was a lot of unknown once that date clicked over!!  Winner Interactive was witnessing first hand the move towards the world wide web and how it will start to change households.  PC Gaming was now moving to online platforms and with the introduction of  Xbox & PlayStation consoles becoming a household item. The demand for PC Games being purchased off the shelf was diminishing but the need for families to own a PC Computer was increasing as we moved towards the need to have the internet, online gaming, Windows and Email. So with these changes came another name change and that is when Winner Computers was born. Once again a new name change bought a new location and we moved into the Industrial warehouse site in Warners Bay. Giving us the room to continue with a retail shop front, custom build computers, repair computers and also sell wholesale hardware. 

2001 Winner Computers hits Adamstown
Winner Computers - Adamstown

As the hype of the New Millennium settled down Winner Computers made the decision to move to Adamstown.  The demand for families to own their own home computer was increasing and we found that locating ourselves between Newcastle and Lake Macquarie we could service a broader scope of families.  Winner created a well designed shop that was comfortable to visit and gave our customers the opportunity to come in store and build a PC that was suited to their needs.  Winner continued to custom build pc’s & gaming machines, repair pc’s and sell hardware.

2019 New Changes for Winner Computers
Winner Computers - New Changes

As 2018 was approaching Ian could see a shift in the IT Industry once again. The IT world is now very portable and the days of dialling into your email are long gone.  Technology surrounds our everyday.  So after 27 years of retail in December 2019  Ian decided to close the doors and move Winner Computers onto the next stage of it’s life.  Moving his passion to his home in Lake Macquarie, giving him the flexibility to work varied hours that suits our customers needs.  Winner Computers continues to offer New PC builds, new laptops, Computer repairs, IT Support, Managed IT Services, and Onsite support. You can still visit us at our new location by appointment or we will come to you onsite home or business. Winner Computers is now in it's 30th year of business and still going strong with Ian still at the helm which would not be possible without all of our loyal customers that continue to entrust their home and business IT choices with us. Thank You.